Third Week - You Learn Something New Everyday

On so many occasions, you experience something monumental or trivial and think that you're alone in the way you feel about it. Then you realize you're living in a world with over 6 billion people and the chances are, you're not alone. How many people must be feeling exactly the same emotion as you are right this minute, this very second? These are the experiences that led to this week's words. I also have several interesting stories about each of them, should our paths ever cross and you deign to ask.

Day 15

Commink; (verb) [com-ink]

When someone you know silently (in their mind) had exactly the same reaction to the same situation at the same time. This is voiced and discovered later.

  • Chanae and Tanvi often commink when they are in class together.
  • Shashank and Chanae commink better with each other, even when they are a continent apart.


Day 16

Cousout; (noun) [kuz-out]

When you do not have enough cousins to tell interesting stories about. A lack of cousin related experiences.

  • My entire childhood has been cousout, I wish I had dinner party or sleepover stories like you do.
  • Tanvi has always lived in a nuclear family so she felt bad about being cousout.


Day 17

Derude; (noun) [deh-rude]

When you deliver an insult to someone that is disguised as a compliment.

Examples of a derude:

  • Those shoes are cute, for someone like you

In a sentence:

  • Her comment about your new haircut being 'so good that she couldn't recognize you' was definitely a derude.


Day 18

Complirrational; (noun) [compli-rational]

A person who starts irrational arguments for silly reasons, over-dramatizes most situations and often has no control over their temper.

  • My ex-boyfriend was so complirrational that he would get angry with me for arriving even 5 minutes later than planned.
  • I can never date a complirrational person.


Day 19

Slowment; (noun) [slow-men-t]

A moment that is so dramatic or intense that time seems to slow down as you are drinking in the realization of what has just happened.

  • Everything seemed innocently normal as we interviewed the lady who was to be our new roommate until the slowment she mentioned she works for US Customs and we had weed lying on the table.


Day 20

Chighse; (noun) [cha-ees]

A decision (usually rather stupid) that is made when one is extremely intoxicated due to consumption of marijuana in any form.

  • 420 is a day for terrible grocery shopping chighses.
  • Visiting Tacobell when we were blazed last night was a chighse we shouldn't have made.


Day 21

Breastriction; (noun) [breast-rick-shun]

The tight, suffocating, restricted feeling of wearing a tight bra that is uncomfortable for your breasts. Applies only to females.

  • I enjoy living alone because the minute I come home, I can strip and be breastriction free!
  • There should be a world no-bra day to promote freedom from breastriction for women everywhere.