Second Week - From Interesting Conversations

Where do ideas come from? Why do people behave the way they do? Why are some people so unbelievably irritating? In my second week, things became more interesting, my word ideas started shaping up to be more insightful. 

Day 8

Noydea; (adjective) [noy-dee-ah]

A mental state where your brain is squeezed fresh out of ideas and you just can't seem to think anymore. This is possibly the most ideal moment for a break.

  • I can't come out to dinner yet, I'm working on this brief and haven't yet reached noydeal state.
  • After working two days and nights straight without sleep, Rachel was having a noydea moment.


Day 9

Pendle; (verb) [pen-dill]

Having to deal with amateurs. Suggests snobbish behaviour.

  • The producer didn't want to hire any interns because he wasn't in the mood to pendle.
  • Hire me, you won't be pendling, I promise!


Day 10

Highdea; (noun) [hi-dee-ah]

The ideas you think of when you're high or generally intoxicated.

  • Mila realized that just an idea wouldn't be enough to tackle this brief, she needed a highdea.
  • I think I'm going to write a book of all my highdeas.


Day 11

Techend; (noun) [teck-ind]

A person who relies on technology for everything and probably could not function without it.

  • Rita is such a techend, she couldn't make it to work because she lost her phone and couldn't find her way without google maps.
  • Never send a techend on a holiday without an iPad mini for guidance.


Day 12

Skootch; (verb) [skoo-ch]

The involuntary shiver of pleasure you feel when you hear a beautiful piece of music for the first time. Could happen several times till you get over the song.

  • The second Skrillex dropped the beat, it looked like the whole crowd skootched.
  • She had been listening to his song on repeat for a week and it still made her skootch.


Day 13

Bilying; (verb) [bye-lie-ing]

When you tell an authoritative figure (eg. parents) a half truth instead of the whole truth because you know you will get into some trouble but far less than the trouble the whole truth will cause. Makes it easier to convince said authoritative figure.

  • Telling her parents she was going for a trip with her boyfriend plus ten friends was a clever bilie to cover her romantic getaways.
  • Indian children are masters of bilying to their parents.


Day 14

Crouper; (noun) [crowe-per]

A person who inconspicuously manages to avoid crowded situations or social gatherings.

  • Matt must have been at the party but he's too much of a crouper to have been noticed.
  • Do croupers enjoy concerts?