First Week - Humble Beginnings

The moment we start to observe our own behaviour, not just observe but actually notice every little detail of our motives and actions, there is a world of insights that become apparent. So many of our most deeply rooted thoughts, feelings and questions have no words for their expression. Maybe this is because we don't want people to know our deepest, darkest thoughts. My first week of writing words began with the little things I noticed I just did or felt without realizing. Things I'm sure many people feel but rarely discuss. Here goes!

Day 1

Ukan; (verb) [oo-kan]

When you motivate someone by reassuring them that they can achieve their potential in life.

  • When Vinay ukanned Tanvi, she decided to start her own dictionary of words.
  • I really appreciate the fact that you ukanned me yesterday, it opened my eyes.


Day 2

Chillock; (noun) [ch-ill-okh]

A person who gives you really positive vibes.

  • That concert is known for attracting chillocks from around the world!
  • All my friends are chillocks, I don't associate with people who give you downers.


Day 3

Folsolly; (verb) [fawl-sawl-ee]

An act that looks very difficult to everyone else but is actually very simple to do.

  • I can know that writing those amazing ads is Sarah folsollying, she can't fool me!
  • John mastered the art of folsollying with his fingers at the tender age of six.


Day 4

Tickey; (noun) [tik-kee]

The feeling of not realizing how fast time flew by

  • Yesterday at the carnival was so much fun! It really went by in a tickey.
  • Is the show over already? Felt like a tickey, for sure!


Day 5

Nos; (verb) [naws]

Something (person/object etc) you can't find even though it's right under your nose, hiding in plain sight.

  • In a woman's handbag, every single item is undoubtedly nost.
  • "Bro, I can't find my keys!" "Don't stress dude, they're probably just nost"


Day 6

Razziful; (adjective) [razz-ee-ful]

Something that looks rough, ugly or unassuming from the outside but is actually wonderful, beautiful or amazing inside. There is an element of surprise in this discovery.

  • I had no idea Shiela was truly razziful.
  • Try the bread from that bakery, it's oddly razziful.


Day 7

Twipper; (noun/verb) [twip-pur]

A person who uses psychedelic drugs occasionally for recreational purposes but does not let them affect their daily life, work or routines.

  • "Doesn't she look like a junkie?"  "No, I know her, she's a twipper. Total chillock in my opinion"
  • I twip a couple of times a year to get a fresh perspective on things.