Fourth Week - Why Didn't This Exist Already?

The more I continue with this exercise, the more I realize I should have started years ago. We complain about some of these things all the time. Things that weren't problems when the English language was developed. They're probably first world problems now but they deserve a spot in our vocabulary all the same!

Day 22

Flought; (noun) [flout]

A person sitting next to you or near you on an airplane who contributes to making the flying experience far less than comfortable. Such as a stinky man or a wailing baby.

  • My 25 hour flight back to India sucked because I got a window seat next to two floughts; the crying AND the stinky kind!
  • I hope you aren't surrounded by too many floughts on this flight.


Day 23

Caedonis; (noun) [kay-doh-niss]

The irrational fear of falling backwards.

  • Alex's caedonis never lets her sit comfortably on a fence.
  • Caedonistic people tend to avoid rooftops.


Day 24

Mistern; (noun) [miss-turn]

An item or product that is usually never used until the end of its life or until it is over. It is not a planned phenomenon.

  • Always borrow a mistern, never buy one.
  • I always think stationary will not be a mistern and buy it because I can't control myself.


Day 25

Virtuationship; (noun) [vur-tchu-ay-shun-ship]

A relationship you maintain with a person through any medium besides real life (read face-to-face.)

  • She met GT at a bar and they've been in a virtuationship ever since.
  • I prefer virtuationships because it's easier to be honest. Sucks when you're horny though.


Day 26

Squiddly; (noun) [skwid-illy]

The realization that when you put the universe or even just our world in perspective, you are a tiny and mostly insignificant part of it.

  • Tanvi had been having a low day full of squiddly thoughts.
  • The purpose of life is to go out not feeling squiddly.


Day 27

Kauker; (noun) [kaw-ker]

A person with a terrible sense of humour. They can be inappropriate, unfunny or often misunderstood.

  • Jared is the kawker of our class because I can never tell if he's actually joking or just being an asshole.


Day 28

Starcasm; (noun) [star-kaz-um]

When a person attempts to be sarcastic but it always sounds like they're being serious and mean what they're saying.

  • I can't tell you if any of Tejas's stories are true because they always sound starcastic to me.

Third Week - You Learn Something New Everyday

On so many occasions, you experience something monumental or trivial and think that you're alone in the way you feel about it. Then you realize you're living in a world with over 6 billion people and the chances are, you're not alone. How many people must be feeling exactly the same emotion as you are right this minute, this very second? These are the experiences that led to this week's words. I also have several interesting stories about each of them, should our paths ever cross and you deign to ask.

Day 15

Commink; (verb) [com-ink]

When someone you know silently (in their mind) had exactly the same reaction to the same situation at the same time. This is voiced and discovered later.

  • Chanae and Tanvi often commink when they are in class together.
  • Shashank and Chanae commink better with each other, even when they are a continent apart.


Day 16

Cousout; (noun) [kuz-out]

When you do not have enough cousins to tell interesting stories about. A lack of cousin related experiences.

  • My entire childhood has been cousout, I wish I had dinner party or sleepover stories like you do.
  • Tanvi has always lived in a nuclear family so she felt bad about being cousout.


Day 17

Derude; (noun) [deh-rude]

When you deliver an insult to someone that is disguised as a compliment.

Examples of a derude:

  • Those shoes are cute, for someone like you

In a sentence:

  • Her comment about your new haircut being 'so good that she couldn't recognize you' was definitely a derude.


Day 18

Complirrational; (noun) [compli-rational]

A person who starts irrational arguments for silly reasons, over-dramatizes most situations and often has no control over their temper.

  • My ex-boyfriend was so complirrational that he would get angry with me for arriving even 5 minutes later than planned.
  • I can never date a complirrational person.


Day 19

Slowment; (noun) [slow-men-t]

A moment that is so dramatic or intense that time seems to slow down as you are drinking in the realization of what has just happened.

  • Everything seemed innocently normal as we interviewed the lady who was to be our new roommate until the slowment she mentioned she works for US Customs and we had weed lying on the table.


Day 20

Chighse; (noun) [cha-ees]

A decision (usually rather stupid) that is made when one is extremely intoxicated due to consumption of marijuana in any form.

  • 420 is a day for terrible grocery shopping chighses.
  • Visiting Tacobell when we were blazed last night was a chighse we shouldn't have made.


Day 21

Breastriction; (noun) [breast-rick-shun]

The tight, suffocating, restricted feeling of wearing a tight bra that is uncomfortable for your breasts. Applies only to females.

  • I enjoy living alone because the minute I come home, I can strip and be breastriction free!
  • There should be a world no-bra day to promote freedom from breastriction for women everywhere.

Second Week - From Interesting Conversations

Where do ideas come from? Why do people behave the way they do? Why are some people so unbelievably irritating? In my second week, things became more interesting, my word ideas started shaping up to be more insightful. 

Day 8

Noydea; (adjective) [noy-dee-ah]

A mental state where your brain is squeezed fresh out of ideas and you just can't seem to think anymore. This is possibly the most ideal moment for a break.

  • I can't come out to dinner yet, I'm working on this brief and haven't yet reached noydeal state.
  • After working two days and nights straight without sleep, Rachel was having a noydea moment.


Day 9

Pendle; (verb) [pen-dill]

Having to deal with amateurs. Suggests snobbish behaviour.

  • The producer didn't want to hire any interns because he wasn't in the mood to pendle.
  • Hire me, you won't be pendling, I promise!


Day 10

Highdea; (noun) [hi-dee-ah]

The ideas you think of when you're high or generally intoxicated.

  • Mila realized that just an idea wouldn't be enough to tackle this brief, she needed a highdea.
  • I think I'm going to write a book of all my highdeas.


Day 11

Techend; (noun) [teck-ind]

A person who relies on technology for everything and probably could not function without it.

  • Rita is such a techend, she couldn't make it to work because she lost her phone and couldn't find her way without google maps.
  • Never send a techend on a holiday without an iPad mini for guidance.


Day 12

Skootch; (verb) [skoo-ch]

The involuntary shiver of pleasure you feel when you hear a beautiful piece of music for the first time. Could happen several times till you get over the song.

  • The second Skrillex dropped the beat, it looked like the whole crowd skootched.
  • She had been listening to his song on repeat for a week and it still made her skootch.


Day 13

Bilying; (verb) [bye-lie-ing]

When you tell an authoritative figure (eg. parents) a half truth instead of the whole truth because you know you will get into some trouble but far less than the trouble the whole truth will cause. Makes it easier to convince said authoritative figure.

  • Telling her parents she was going for a trip with her boyfriend plus ten friends was a clever bilie to cover her romantic getaways.
  • Indian children are masters of bilying to their parents.


Day 14

Crouper; (noun) [crowe-per]

A person who inconspicuously manages to avoid crowded situations or social gatherings.

  • Matt must have been at the party but he's too much of a crouper to have been noticed.
  • Do croupers enjoy concerts?

First Week - Humble Beginnings

The moment we start to observe our own behaviour, not just observe but actually notice every little detail of our motives and actions, there is a world of insights that become apparent. So many of our most deeply rooted thoughts, feelings and questions have no words for their expression. Maybe this is because we don't want people to know our deepest, darkest thoughts. My first week of writing words began with the little things I noticed I just did or felt without realizing. Things I'm sure many people feel but rarely discuss. Here goes!

Day 1

Ukan; (verb) [oo-kan]

When you motivate someone by reassuring them that they can achieve their potential in life.

  • When Vinay ukanned Tanvi, she decided to start her own dictionary of words.
  • I really appreciate the fact that you ukanned me yesterday, it opened my eyes.


Day 2

Chillock; (noun) [ch-ill-okh]

A person who gives you really positive vibes.

  • That concert is known for attracting chillocks from around the world!
  • All my friends are chillocks, I don't associate with people who give you downers.


Day 3

Folsolly; (verb) [fawl-sawl-ee]

An act that looks very difficult to everyone else but is actually very simple to do.

  • I can know that writing those amazing ads is Sarah folsollying, she can't fool me!
  • John mastered the art of folsollying with his fingers at the tender age of six.


Day 4

Tickey; (noun) [tik-kee]

The feeling of not realizing how fast time flew by

  • Yesterday at the carnival was so much fun! It really went by in a tickey.
  • Is the show over already? Felt like a tickey, for sure!


Day 5

Nos; (verb) [naws]

Something (person/object etc) you can't find even though it's right under your nose, hiding in plain sight.

  • In a woman's handbag, every single item is undoubtedly nost.
  • "Bro, I can't find my keys!" "Don't stress dude, they're probably just nost"


Day 6

Razziful; (adjective) [razz-ee-ful]

Something that looks rough, ugly or unassuming from the outside but is actually wonderful, beautiful or amazing inside. There is an element of surprise in this discovery.

  • I had no idea Shiela was truly razziful.
  • Try the bread from that bakery, it's oddly razziful.


Day 7

Twipper; (noun/verb) [twip-pur]

A person who uses psychedelic drugs occasionally for recreational purposes but does not let them affect their daily life, work or routines.

  • "Doesn't she look like a junkie?"  "No, I know her, she's a twipper. Total chillock in my opinion"
  • I twip a couple of times a year to get a fresh perspective on things.